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SolidCAM was founded in 1984 by Dr.Emil Somekh. SolidCAM started out as a fully integrated CAD/CAM system. After many years of successful development the founder, Dr. Emil Somekh, made the decision that it was more efficient to focus on developing an integrated CAM system for SolidWorks and Inventor


To provide are users with a powerful, easy-to-use, complete, integrated CAD/CAM solution that allows manufacturers to leverage what they already have, for improved efficiency and profits and prepare them for higher level machining.

Our challenge - To overcome the CAM Legacy of Broken Promises by other CAM suppliers:

  • Associativity claims - from stand alone CAM products!
  • Automagic tool paths that work only on simple parts!
  • Miracle tool paths that only work on high-end machines, with expensive tools and holders!

Products and strategies that truly deliver

  • The highest possible level of integration to both SolidWorks and Inventor, allowing CAM programmers to use the CAD system they already have to program their CNC machines.

  • True Associativity to design model, with seamless toolpath updates when changes are made.

  • Elimination of file imports.

  • Empower our users with the best and most powerful CAM tools to program their way. Never presuming we know how to breitling replica program parts better than they do, by providing endless numbers of “automagic��?toolpaths that will later have to be modified by the user to get what they really want.

  • Xpress - SolidCAM has created innovative product packaging like our SolidCAM Xpress and InventorCAM Xpress that are based entirely on the full SolidCAM and InventorCAM solutions. Besides their unbeatable price, they provide the following advantages:

    • Unlike other low-cost CAM products that result in a dead-end when it comes to Advanced Geometry Programming, Multi-axis milling, Mill-Turn or Wire EDM machine programming, SolidCAM Xpress and InventorCAM Xpress are completely scalable for all CNC machine types. Customers won’t outgrow SolidCAM, so this is the last CAM solution they will ever need to purchase.

    • Users will be getting a head-start as they get up to speed in SolidCAM Xpress and InventorCAM Xpress - adding modules or applications is just an extension of what they already know.

    • The money paid for SolidCAM Xpress and InventorCAM Xpress can even be put towards advanced modules, so customers can grow at their own pace without worrying about a financial hit if they don’t buy advanced packages upfront.

  • iMachining This breakthrough in toolpath technology finally delivers on the promise of intelligent toolpaths that can be used by everyone, with all types of equipment, to dramatically speed up cycle times and save on tool and machine wear. Unlike other systems that leave the user guessing, with a stockpile of broken cutters, iMachining comes complete with a Technology Wizard, that provides a reliable partner in determining speeds and feeds and other machining parameters to get the most performance possible out of the existing equipment.

  • Complete tracking of stock conditions throughout the entire programming sequence ensures that each programming step will only focus on remaining stock, dramatically reducing air cuts and wasted machine time. Our advanced HSM systems also optimizes tool paths, reduces retracts and produce excellent surface finish with reduced cycle times.

  • Our devotion to SolidWorks or Inventor’s look, feel , form and function ensure a user feels right at home with our CAM functions right at their fingertips. Our SolidCAM professor videos also provide hundreds of easy to follow, tightly focused on a specific function, tutorial videos available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, right on our website without even a login.

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